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Cytomax Sports Performance Mix

Cytomax Sports Performance Mix
  • Flavor | Size: Cool Citrus | 27-serving
  • Flavor | Size: Pomegranate Berry | 27-serving
  • Flavor | Size: Tangy Orange | 27-serving
  • Flavor | Size: Tropical Fruit | 27-serving
  • Flavor | Size: Cool Citrus | 82-serving
  • Flavor | Size: Pomegranate Berry | 82-serving
  • Flavor | Size: Tangy Orange | 82-serving
  • Flavor | Size: Tropical Fruit | 82-serving
  • Flavor | Size: Grape | 82-serving
  • Flavor | Size: Cool Citrus | Single Serving 24-pack
  • Flavor | Size: Pomegranate Berry | Single Serving 24-pack
  • Flavor | Size: Tangy Orange | Single Serving 24-pack
  • Flavor | Size: Tropical Fruit | Single Serving 24-pack
  • Flavor | Size: Tropical Fruit | Single Serving 24-pack
  • Flavor | Size: Grape | Single Serving 24-pack
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Cytomax's Sports Performance Mix delivers energy quickly and efficiently so you can maximize training and race at your personal best. It features 22 grams of carbohydrates from glucose, fructose, and lactate to fuel your working muscles. Plus, the electrolyte blend replaces what is lost through your sweat. And, for the competitive athletes, this mix is free of banned substances.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
Tangy Orange / 82-serving 660726404706 40470
Tropical Fruit / 82-serving 660726403501 40350