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Chris King DropSet 2 Headset

Chris King DropSet 2 Headset
  • Color | S.H.I.S.: Black | IS42/28.6|IS52/40
  • Color | S.H.I.S.: Matte Black | IS42/28.6|IS52/40
  • Color | S.H.I.S.: Matte Mango | IS42/28.6|IS52/40
  • Color | S.H.I.S.: Matte Slate | IS42/28.6|IS52/40
  • Color | S.H.I.S.: Matte Turquoise | IS42/28.6|IS52/40
  • Color | S.H.I.S.: Navy | IS42/28.6|IS52/40
  • Color | S.H.I.S.: Red | IS42/28.6|IS52/40
This item is currently not available.


Chris King DropSet 2 Headset.

- Patented GripLock retention design for exclusively reliable headset adjustment
- 42mm 45x45 upper bearing
- 52mm 45x45 lower bearing
- Compatible with King baseplate and 45 degree integrated crown races
- Crown Race: 30
- S.H.I.S. Stem Clamp Diameter: 28.6 Threadless
- Bearing Type: Cartridge
- S.H.I.S Lower: IS52
- S.H.I.S Upper: IS42